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My Vision on Portraits


Everybody has beauty. Everybody.


Beauty cannot be limited to soft skin, youthful features, nice make-up or clothes. Beauty comes from the soul.


Every person is unique and in their difference to others, they have SOMETHING to offer the world. SOMETHING which makes them valuable to others and my challenge is in being able to successfully show the “soul” in my pictures. Yes, I try to capture emotions but even emotions are not the person and I am never happy until I get that ONE shot which trumps all others.


It is very hard for me to photograph a body just for the sake of the body itself. Some photos feel vacant because I haven’t captured the essence of that person. I like to spend some time talking to a model. From that I can read them on different levels. I can understand them and with that I can know how to photograph them.


My camera is the tool I choose to capture the manifestation of the human spirit. It is purely my subjective feeling and reasoning about the person which allows me to be creative in this direction.


While “color” can make for a good photograph in certain circumstances, I almost always find that B&W photography is the highest aesthetic that takes away the noise and simply reveals the person. I love both color and B&W though and each has it's own purpose.


In looking at certain photo shoots I have done you might have noticed an inconsistency in how I have processed the photos. This was intended. Unless I am paid to batch process with the same settings, I tend to look at each individual photograph as its own piece of art. And with that, I process it according to my feeling and what looks good to my eye. This, like most things about me, is not a rigid rule but some insight as to why some photos right next to each other may look drastically different.


In my portraits I am compelled and driven forward by my desire to be able to capture those I aim my camera at in such a way as to show them that anyone and everyone can be beautiful and that I was there as witness.


I believe all things are impermanent. I believe our time is fleeting. And you may rise and fall again, as I will. But I at least was able to capture you in that one brief moment in time.


This is my passion for portrait photography.


Justin Suyama