Suyama Images | The Refresher Package

The Refresher Package has been designed and built as an extension for the Headshot and Small Business Photography Packages.

The purpose of the refresher is to keep your images up-to-date for your website or portfolio at better cost than the initial photographic service. I recommend a refresher once a year typically although some business will require more and a very select few would require less.

Sometimes it's not a matter  of replacing images but adding new images to better fill out your website. Or perhaps you have a flyer or other new advertisements that need to be done.

The Refresher is always 20% off the cost of the services as a reward for using my services initially and once again. Another way to make this cost less is through referrals. 


The Refresher Game Specifics

1) See "A" below to the "Refer Anyone Game"

1a) If you have already received a headshot from me, then refer 2 other people for headshots and your next one is on me. (If you only refer 1 then you are given a $50 credit as in "A" below).

1b) For the business refresher, refer another business who uses the service, and you will receive 10% off for each referral. This compounds with the initial 20% off to a maximum of 50% off the total price. Wow!

2) Whether headshots or a business refresher package, the game is to complete the referrals within 1 year of our initial shoot. Your discount will then be applied to your refresher package but must be redeemed within 3 months from the date of your last referral.

For example; if we shot 1 Jan 2013, you would have until 1 Jan 2014 to refer more people to get up to 50% off your next shoot or a headshot, on me. In our example you would have until March 2014 to receive that discount.



Refer Anyone Game

This game applies to anyone, whether I have worked with you previously or not.


A) Refer anyone to me for a headshot or business profile and receive a $50 credit toward your next service with me, valid for 1 year from the referral's retainer payment date. Referral credits can stack up to 3 times, ie with a maximum discount of $150 for 3 people referred. A referral must pay their retainer fee in order for the credit to be issued. Essentially, this means you could schedule a shoot with me and in the time before the shoot, refer someone who pays their retainer fee and get the credit applied to your upcoming shoot. Or use it for a future service, so long as it's within 1 year of the last referral.


For any questions or if you wish to contact me regarding a referral, please use the CONTACT form.

Thank you for stopping by!