Suyama Images | SOP

My Standard Operating Procedure:

This is how I operate, my standard and what you can expect as a client.


1) Expect me to ask many questions about your project. Your answers will help me determine the cost for the project as well as any important details which better helps me to deliver exactly what you need and want.

These will cover, but are not limited to:

  • What your vision or goal is with the image or images.
  • How many images as well as how they will be used in the future.
  • If they are corporate or commercial photos, I will ask about your brand, your color schemes and probably links to any existing websites or promotions you have.
  • Whether or not you require other professional services such as make-up, hair styling, wardrobe styling, etc. In some cases it is automatically built into the cost. I attempt to meet people's budget somewhere in middle which affords a win-win for everyone. 
  • These questions may require more than one email. Yes, it's best to meet face to face but this may not be practical some cases.


2) Almost 100% of the time, I shoot connected to a laptop or screen so that we may review images and get the perfect shot. Please realize this is before post processing. But what we typically look for here is if we've got that perfect look, expression or emotion. Details such as hair flyaways, etc can be handled at a later point. We just want to be happy with everything as we go so that we don't have to waste each other's time re-shooting things.


3) My operating standard is that I never do "work made for hire". This means that I retain all copyright to any images created, as the author of those works. Part of the fee for my service is that I license the usage of such work to you as stated in the contract we sign before work commences. In some cases, such as headshots, you are given all rights to print or use the image or images wherever and whenever. 


4) Raw files, the digital equivalent to the film negative, are the originals. These are unprocessed files and as such these files are never given out. They require technical know-how and proficiency to turn them into the final product that you receive as a client. They are considered "unfinished" until MADE into final form by me or another professional retoucher that I have hired. Your final images are in a format that can be read, viewed and printed from here till eternity. They will always remain on my website or in my archive. You will never lose the finished product.


5) Finally, before we go any further you should have minimally reviewed my portfolio to your satisfaction. My style is my own. While I can shoot things in different ways to tailor to a person's needs and wants, my style remains my style. If creatively, my style doesn't fit your vision, then I recommend you find someone who better suits you.