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Summary of Services Offered


You've made it to the page which explains some about my services. Maybe you've had the opportunity to refresh yourself with my photography and like what you see. If not I highly recommend you review my website a little. If I don't fit your style, I may not be the person you are looking for!

I specialize in 3 areas and those are outlined below.

What does this mean? It means that unfortunately weddings, maternity, children and boring family Christmas photos are not my thing. That doesn't mean that I won't shoot a Christmas photo for you, but I won't shoot a boring typical one. This is the type of Christmas photo that I have and will be happy to make. Something unique, something that stands out on a person's mantel or refrigerator. 


Offering in-studio shoots in our new Tacoma location and on-location shoots in the great Puget Sound region.  


The Small Business Solution (Click here for more info)

The solution for small businesses professionals; mom and pops, start-ups and others.

This service focuses on the staff and principals of the business AND specifics such as the location, signage, products, and promotional shots for a business website, promotional materials, social media, and so forth. If you're just after images for you and your staff then you want the Headshots category.

The New Refresher Package, with an incentive to play! Click here for details.


Headshots (Click here for more info)

General portrait and headshots for actors, professionals and anyone who wants to look good.

This service focuses on making the very best images of you and/or your staff so that you may be professionally represented across your websites, social medias, networking and other places where you use your photo.  My goal is to make a person appear friendly, approachable and professional and therefore the images should inspire confidence in your potential clients.

The New Refresher Package, with an incentive to play! Click here for details.


Fashion, Beauty and the Mystique (Click here for more info)

This service is primarily geared toward women but men are allowed too.

The headshots and business photography mentioned above is fairly conservative stuff. This service however crosses the line into more of a fashion couture and beauty genre.

This service is specifically for:

  • Women of all varieties
  • Though not originally designed for guys, this service is for those who want to look edgy and cool, ie awesome
  • Musicians who want something more than a typical band shot (yes we can do those too, but let's do more!)
  • Anyone who wants to get very creative with their image, for the experience, for fun and for bragging purposes


Any questions, please inquire.