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Do you dislike having your photo taken because so many times in the past, it just didn't turn out great?

You wanted to look thinner or better, and have that clarity and mystique seen in magazines or other places, while minimizing or otherwise eliminating the things you don't like.

Headshot Harvis













"How do they do that? How can I look like that?" May have been questions you asked. Or you simply just thought, "I'm not photogenic" or worse yet, "I can't look like that."

It was these questions coupled with my own aversion to having my own photo taken that lead me to research what it was that most people don't like about being the subject of a photograph. We are who we are but there are very precise points which can help anyone overcome that fear of a bad photo. It has to do with knowing HOW to pose in front of a camera. The principle of knowing HOW to do something will to a great degree, remove that element of fear about it.

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So let me teach you about angles, poses, the different elements of your face, your chin, eyes and more. You will take away knowledge that you will be able to use for the rest of your life on what YOUR best angle is, whether you speak in front of people, pose for a camera, act on screen or in a play. This is for anyone interested in having a photo they will be happy to have publicly displayed, on websites, in brochures, flyers, comp cards, social media, and on.

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Whether you are an actor or business professional just looking
to update your image portfolio. Whether it's 1 image or 10 that
capture a range of emotions and looks, my goal is to create images
that conveys "confidence with approachability".











Contact me for a custom estimate after you have answered some questions in the link below (this is also what you can expect when you shoot with me): 

Headshots - What to Expect


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