Suyama Images | Headshot Referral Game

This has been put together to reward you for referring other people to my service.

This is a game. I am attempting to make this one worth your time.

The game is simple. I'll define the terms so that there is no misunderstanding.

This game applies to business and headshot photography. However, your points (defined below) may be redeemed for ANY type of photography that I do. For example, you may refer a person for headshot or business portfolio and receive a credit that you may redeem toward a headshot, business or other categories such as fashion, beauty or other type of photography (take a look at my site).

A "referral" is a person that schedules and pays their retainer fee for a headshot or other business portfolio related photography. As retainer fees are non-refundable, this allows me to credit you 1 point toward the referral system game. This credit is good for 1 year from the date that the retainer fee is paid. You will receive an email (print or save this email when you receive it). 

1 point = $50 credit to be used toward any service I offer.

3 points = a headshot session which includes coaching, on-site review and post processing.

10 points = a full photoshoot of any genre (that I shoot). This includes make-up/hair where applicable. Some charges, such as recurring usage of commercial photography, may be applicable.

There is one exception to what kind of shoots qualify for the point system reward. That exception applies to any shoot that involves images which are intended to be sold or published commercially. For example, images that would NOT be eligible would include stock images or WMFH, images for commercial publication including fashion, beauty. The redemption of points may qualify for the service of the shoot, but not licensing of such images or unlimited usage of such images.