Suyama Images | Expanded Bio

Having been warned, here we go:

My primary focus is headshots & small business commercial work. I've spent a long time learning, practicing and shooting. With business and headshots, I strive to make an image which conveys to any viewer, someone who is approachable, friendly and confident.
This is in LA circa 1995 or 1994? A friend I was with grabbed my camera and snapped this shot in the restaurant I had breakfast/lunch in.

My first interest in photography was when I was 13 years old and living in the city of Los Angeles, California. Creating photos was a challenge that both sparked my imagination and fueled a fascination that I have had and still hold for the subject ever since. Initially, shooting film on the streets of LA using an old 35mm camera my first teacher and life mentor helped me to select.

Nothing escaped the stark clarity shown through that aged lens. Backyard neighborhoods, the city's flora and fauna, the cryptic and sometimes sad looks on the faces of street people, determined marathon runners, rushing crowds on busy thoroughfares and lingering individuals or couples on lazy promenades, all were subjects for my street education in shooting the world around me.

Advising on a music video production. 2012

The digital age of photography was just beginning at that time and I was fortunate to be in on one of the greatest developments in the subject since it was first born. I was able to learn every aspect of the art as it developed. My knowledge and skill in this new technology increased even as each fresh step was taken to build a digital world of image creation unlike any that had come before. I kept pace as the full-blown computer graphics photo age overtook film and established itself firmly in the lives of us all. And I shot digitally in every direction testing and evaluating at all times what could be done.

Yet though I shoot a wide range of subjects throughout my life, as a professional photographer my focus and indeed my passion lay in portrait photography and it is this aspect of the subject wherein my abilities and my imagination have the greatest free reign and produce the most results.
I'm the Asian guy (I can say that right?) Far left Michael Brunk, middle Brian Morris.  2011?

I've never been one to sit on the sidelines as the world goes on. I believe that if someone has an ability then they should use that ability to their best for the betterment of those around themselves. It is with that mindset that I often seek non-profit groups to help as one of the ways I feel that I can give back to society. Officially, I have shot for many charities including Youth for Human Rights, Des Moines Farmer's Market, Brent Rice Memorial Swim, COTA for Kayla, Pacific NW Herp Society, Calvary Chapel, Help-Portrait and others. Locations for this work include: Los Angeles, Seattle and Hamburg, Germany.
Back in 1998 at a Board meeting. Yes, that's a lens.

I've worked with small businesses, musicians and business professionals in portrait photography including; Coldwell Banker Danforth, John L Scott, various real estate professionals, The Grainery, Bossi & Ich Ky Boutique (fashion catalogue & website), Music Lessons on Wheels, Henta and others.
Me with Jennifer Jensen, make-up artist and bodypainter. And friend. Summer 2012

While my passion for photography has provided me a profession, my interests do extend to other areas outside of that subject. Some of those interests are:

Music! I enjoy a wide array of music from many countries and draw upon these many artists for continuing inspiration.

I've been writing poetry since 1992 and in 2002 wrote an (unpublished) fantasy novel (I am currently re-working some of the text and intend on releasing it somehow). I love to read books and watch great movies.
The HELP-Portrait crew from Kent, 2011 I think.

Finally, I draw inspiration from the people I know.

A decade or so ago all of my inspiration as an artist came from music, books and movies. But one day I started seeing people in another light.

People are unique and every one is different. I love to meet new people and learn about them. Furthermore, it excites me as a photographer to be able to place people within my artistic vision! It's fun and rewarding.
Sailing in beautiful Puget Sound. Yes, I flipped the Peace sign before it became totally cliche. But I'd do it again. circa 1998 or 1999

Capturing the essence of a being through the lens in a way that is both unique and as individual as people are, brings great pleasure which, through the media of flash cards, digital memory and print, others can experience also for generations still to come.

Thank you for coming here and feel free to contact me at any time!