Suyama Images | Download

This is a short visual on how to download an image or images from this website.

It's very simple to do. Have with you the correct password for the link which you were provided by email. This is YOUR password, please keep it to yourself. Images you have been given access to for downloading can be gotten at any time, from any where and as many times as you see fit. This beats the old standard of giving out CD's or even data sticks as it is instantaneous, won't get lost or broken (so long as this website remains).


First when clicking on the provided link to your gallery you will go to a page that looks like this (or similar), select ANY image and make it larger by clicking on it:

Once you have clicked on the image it enlarges (as below). You then have two options on how to download. First is to run your cursor over the image toward the left top side and select download. 

The other method is to use your mouse anywhere on the image by right clicking whereby the same menu will appear, giving you the option to download the image you clicked on or ALL images in the folder as pictured below.

Once you have clicked on either the "original" which denotes the image you clicked on or "all available originals" you will be prompted for a password:

Simply type in the password you were given and click download. It's that simple.

If you for some reason have trouble, please Contact me.