Suyama Images | Current Castings for Projects

This is a page I have put together to coordinate my current projects and ideas. Revealing details are withheld as they tend to wander off into other people's hands. However I will try to be as descriptive as possible for prospective models and other professionals.  Exchange is negotiable, based on varying factors of time, distance, props, locations, etc.

As it is, I do not do photography that is considered compromising or pornographic to any models.  You don't need to be a "professional" model to inquire about being shot, you just have to be willing. If you are interested in any of these ideas, give me a shout: contact

If we have priorly discussed a shoot and you don't see it here, that's because the idea is reserved for you. So kick me to remind me.


This page will be updated regularly.


"BR Happy"

Shot: Bodypaint (from neck to thighs, roughly)

Estimated bodypaint time: 1-2 hours.

Estimated shoot time: 1 hour max

Nude? Yes.

Sex: Female

Requirements: Shaved


"Dramatic of the Ordinary"

Shots: 7 shots planned

Location: TBD - needs to be a clean house with preferably an open floor plan.

No makeup required

Estimated shoot time: If done in one sitting; 3 hours.

Non-nude (except one shot may require you to be nude or wear shorts, this will be out of the picture)

Sex: Male

Requirements: some tone or muscle


"Face paint FILM"

Estimated face paint time: 1/2 hour - 1hr (with hair)

Estimated shoot time: 1/2 hour to 1 hr

location: studio or private home

Nude or non-nude, nude would work better for Euro markets, but preferably both.

Sex: Female

Requirements: Preferably angular or strong petite features


"Where are they now?"

Shot: Varying nude, but non-exposed (implied) shots.

Needed: 12 male models, preferably heavy set guys (must be comfortable nude, though the photos won't reveal anything)

Shoot time: 1/2 hour or less for each model (the props and what not will be set up before arrival so that there is little wait or downtime)

No makeup or special effects required

location: studio or homes

Requirements: Must be portly. Must be okay with getting nude in front of another guy.


"Venetian nude"

Shot: Varying nudes with a venetian mask

Location: Home

Makeup: minimal, only to handle eyes and lower part of face

Shoot time: 1-2 hours

Sex: Female

Requirements: nude, fit



Shot: Varying nude yoga poses.

Location: Studio or home with space

Make-up/hair: basic

Shoot time:1-2 hours

Sex: female

Requirements: Knowledgeable in yoga and fit (like you do it all the time)