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Website Change

When I first started with this website, I had in mind a place to store the images I had taken along with offering some of them for sale. That is, sale of a print to be displayed for personal use. While I've rarely (maybe once or twice) engaged in actively soliciting people to purchase prints, that has been an option for much of the photography that I have done. 

My intention with prints was never to "make a living" or any such foolish notion. It was simply to help pay for the website hosting. I've decided to suspend selling any prints with the exception of a special folder of hand selected prints that I am comfortable with selling. I will create a menu item which directs to a page of selected images. These will be replaced every so often as I see fit.  

I've always worked diligently to provide images to the people I have shot over the years, whether it was trade, or on shoots where I paid the model. That will not change. Anyone that I have shot, may request the high resolution images of their photographic experience with me at any time. Indeed, my current SOP consists of giving access to the high resolution, watermark-free images as soon as they are uploaded. It would be great if people at least credited the artists involved in the shoot when posting to social media. (Nothing here invalidates the legal copyright ownership I possess over every image I have made or will make. I do not engage in WMFH and likely never will. No images may be used for 3rd party commercial purposes or to be sold without prior written consent.) 

Some people chase likes, and overly want attention, comparable to chasing butterflies in the grand scheme of things. These are things I've never craved. I was always in it for the experience of meeting and working with other people while fulfilling my creative impulses. And even when I was paying for a shoot, I have typically always offered the model the option of imagery that would best bolster his or her portfolio. That is, this is NOT just for me. I feel that I personally gain nothing, if I cannot in return, have the opportunity to give back. That's thinking that, for better or worse, has been embedded in my mind for a long time.

Facebook Change

Facebook ... recently I've decided to close my main Facebook account which may or may not cause some people to feel alienated or estranged from me. I didn't explain it there, but I will give you some insight behind why. 

First, Facebook over the last year has parted ways with my thinking. Too many people want to scream and cry about all the injustices in the world, without doing a damn thing about it. If I want to be disturbed or angered, I will watch the news on a TV at volume 10 (12 if you're in Seattle) because that's tantamount to how I feel on Facebook these days. And conversations that go against the grain of "collective think" are met with ostracizing, denigrating individuation. So what's the point? I've escaped one cult and don't need to be in a place that effectively acts in the same manner. Why people feel the need to pass on negativity all the time is something I don't understand. 

Second, I got off the sinking ship of Myspace and ended up on Facebook as a place to stay in touch with friends and mostly those friends in other parts of the world. I'd like my new account to simply serve to stay in touch or allow easier communication for creative collaborations. 

Third, too many personal images and experiences of my life were on the Facebook account that is scheduled for deletion in a few days. I must maintain layers between the people I am connected to online and myself (edit: These details of my life are irrelevant, trivial and meaningless to anyone outside of my head with the exception of the people I have associated with, though I assume they have memories and photos of their own. Thus I'm treating this platform as more of a networking site instead of my personal virtual hangout.) I intend to keep my new Facebook account free of personal details and communications. If you still want to be connected there, you can connect here though I don't intend on using Facebook much.  If you want to see my photography, other than my website, you can look via Facebook fan page or Instagram. I rarely post the same imagery to both accounts. 

I value real life interactions above all. I've lived in a time where communication wasn't possible over long distances without much work, and in this time where communication can reach the other side of the planet in a matter of moments. Having lived in both, it's my opinion that the happiest times are when communication isn't through a computer screen, but face to face. I'm not shutting the door on anyone per se so if you want to communicate, then do so. I'll give priority depending on the method ie, face to face > phone > text > email > social media direct message > social media public message. Thus completes my explanation to remove my original Facebook account. 

New Adventures

Late last year I began a new business endeavor known to only a few, as Synergy Nutritionals (company) Synergy Gold (product line). This is a health supplement company that uses only professional line supplements to help people maintain or regain health. I've had an interest in that area since I was a teenager due to losing a family member to cancer when I was young. I've spent many years now studying western and eastern medicine along with keeping an open mind about the uses and practicality of mainstream western approaches and science. In other words, I'm after whatever works and I don't care what it's source or origination is so long as it gets results. This is the basis for my company as well. It's an east meets west, best of both worlds approach to health and healthy living. 

Many people have told me that I should become a doctor. I figure going to college to get certified as a doctor wouldn't truly serve my intentions however, that is, helping people one on one is great, but I might be able to help more in this manner. 

Helping me in my endeavor is a Naturopath and friend, Dr. Lynn Mikel who practices in Des Moines, Washington. I am happy to help steer people in the right direction in terms of getting or remaining healthy. I can only relate my experiences and combined knowledge. As for actual medical help, I recommend you see a licensed health practitioner. =) 

And of course, I am no different than anyone else. I've lived a somewhat rough lifestyle physically and mentally. I will never claim to be a saint, to be perfect, to be 100% healthy all the time, to eat perfect, or to have all the answers. I've NEVER thought of myself as better or superior to anyone in any way. Or any other such nonsense. I'm just trying to do my part to leave something here that benefits other people. 

Artistic Collaborations 

I am still happy to shoot and collaborate with other artists, wherever I happen to be. The best method of reaching me is either through the contact form on this website or by emailing If you are someone I know and have my phone number, you are welcome to use that as well. 


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