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Casting Call

This is an this invitation-only casting call.

There are a hundred reasons why one should experience being a "cover girl" for the day. Maybe you're a hard working mother, or divorced or feeling under appreciated. Maybe you just want some great photos of yourself or a loved one. One thing that comes to mind when I see someone being indecisive about doing a photo session of this nature or not, I tell them a story I heard from a colleague. 

There once was a woman that had two choices on where to spend her money. One was in getting her hair and nails done by a professional, something which perhaps lasts a few weeks or month. The other was to purchase a photo session, where she would have had great images of herself, for herself, her husband and children for all time. 

She chose to get her nails and hair done instead. 

A few short months later she was diagnosed with cancer. She fought it with traditional medicine, losing her hair and what remained of her vigor and looks as cancer is awful. Eventually the cancer overtook her body and she passed on. 

But there were NO great photos of her. Sure there were snapshots and some selfies posted online, or her wedding photos but those were years before, nothing really where SHE was the subject of the art. And thus comes the point of this, we don't know what will happen in the future. I always opt for and push people to choose experiences over momentary material possession.   

Therefore I am offering this experience at NO cost, by invitation. 



Niches: Lifestyle fashion, avant garde (for those daring), beauty, boudoir (for the brave). The shoot will be tailored to you (we can decide exactly what you'd like to do that fits into any of the above categories).  


Studio or on location (your place if suitable or another location, I typically choose locations based on the person, their clothing and the mood I am shooting for). 


As I typically never shoot the same clothing twice, you must have your own wardrobe. It should fit the following criteria: 

  • One of the nicest pieces you own, whether it is a dress, lingerie, or other such garment (depending on our theme). 
  • Clothing that you know fits you well and that you look the best in. 
  • Enough time to sit and have your hair and makeup done professionally along with time for the shoot. Studio shoots last typically up to an hour but often times less (this of course would vary based on location shoots). Makeup/hair is very dependent on each person's needs and the needs of the clothing, location, concept, etc. (We can figure this aspect out as we explore options, concepts and locations).

My purpose:

To make each shoot fit a certain concept and/or have a storyline while also getting the best images I can create. Some of these images will be showcased on my website and perhaps other places (such as social media).  

Benefit to you: 

  • A digital, printable copy of the images that are featured as the "shoot series". While I retain copyright, you may display or print these images for yourself, at will. These are great keepsakes not only for you, but perhaps also a loved one. Printing options are available, either prints, canvas or a book. 
  • The experience and opportunity to work with skilled artists, whose primary reason for being there is to make you into a piece of art which can be documented and immortalized. Yes, this means that one day you will be able to look back on this and have artful images from your younger days. 
  • A little education on posing for the camera. This is something that I teach my commercial clients for headshots. This includes how to eradicate a double chin, what to do with the eyes and brows to elicit different emotions and moods, what to do with the mouth and lips. 


Benefit to me and my people: 

Usage of your photos in our portfolios to advertise to other people (see below regarding privacy).


$1200-1500 If you're here by invitation, then there is no cost. Prints, canvas, books are available through my website and you will be given a discount code which you can use or not - that's up to you. Digital images are given at no charge (I only ask that you do no editing or retouching). And please don't take digital files to Costco or some such. My website is partnered with a professional photographer's printing service and drop ships straight to your doorstep (or use a professional printing service such as Miller's, Adorama, etc.).  

More Important Details: 

  • No images will be used commercially without prior written consent. Commercial, simply put involves a 3rd party and their usage of the images to promote their business, product and typically results in their increase in income or income potential or exposure. In other words, these images will be used in the portfolio's of those involved in the shoot; hair/make-up, photographer, wardrobe specialist (where applicable), and you. Some of these images may be used on social media (as an extension of our personal portfolios). 
  • For those interested in boudoir, no images will be published without your permission (or at all). If boudoir is the only thing we are shooting, then I'd like at least a couple images for publication. If however boudoir is a secondary theme, then as long as I can use images from the main theme, we are good.
  • I take privacy seriously. Therefore I am happy NOT to publish any images with your name attached, and folders on my website can be named with a pseudonym or password protected entirely. I've worked with plenty of people that have professional lives with professional reputations and have always worked to ensure that these things remain intact while also granting the opportunity of this experience. 

See what some of my customers have said about me here.

If you have any questions or wish to establish some rapport please email or call me 206.818.3525.