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We spent one night in Kalispell, stayed at the Kalispell Grand Hotel and had drinks and pizza at nearby Moose's Saloon. Moose's has been open since 1957. I think every inch of the saloon has a carving, initials, words, love sayings, you name it. I even carved my name while waiting for pizza. It's a unique place and like no other bar, tavern or saloon I'd ever been to. Seattle people drop your cosmos and meet rough. Have a beer and throw peanuts at people.

The Kalispell Grand opened in 1912 and looks that way though it is very well maintained. I'm a fan of good craftsmanship and you will find it throughout the hotel. They also make cookies and popcorn throughout the day. And yes the cookies are great! This hotel is only 3-4 blocks from Moose's which makes it easy to walk and easy to get home after 4-5 beers.