65 photos

These photos are from the Groom's Dinner, wedding and a couple from the reception.

When I got to the wedding, I really tried to be your average Joe sitting there to watch a wedding. That lasted about 4 minutes when I realized that sitting on the second pew was a good viewing angle for the average Joe but kind of boring photographically. I had brought my camera with it's 50mm (100mm equiv in 35mm speak) which is NOT what I'd do if I were shooting a wedding professionally (I'd at least have my 70-200 zoom lens). The 50, I had hoped would cause me to sit still and do NOTHING during the ceremony.

My mind's plan to sit and do nothing backfired because now I didn't have the ability to zoom and when you are stuck with a prime lens (one with a fixed focal length) your own two legs are your zoom. I noticed the church had an upper balcony seating area. And there I went, somehow dodging the church lady who later really didn't want me to photograph the signing of the marriage certificate because I wasn't the photographer. Luckily though the real photographer was MIA for a moment and I was asked (after being denied access by the same person) to indeed come and photograph the signing. I only photographed the bride because the photographer showed up and I had to leave again. The signing pics are 29 and 30, both similar but slightly different in their post processing.

Anyway, up above on the balcony I was able to get a nice symmetrical shot that included the groomsmen, bride's maids and of course the bride and groom with pastor. No way I could do that from the second pew. I got the kiss pic too which was pretty nice. All shot at f2, iso 800.

After the ceremony came the walk out on the steps shots. Much cooler outside than in the church (thank God by the way). Only took a couple of shots at the reception (again I left my flash in the hotel room). Besides after receiving the "stinkeye" who'd wanna keep taking photos. Stinkeye pic is #58.