The book

  • An in-depth look at Human trafficking, sex trafficking, statistics and particulars, from the local scene to globally.
  • An in-depth look at child pornography statistics and the role of the internet as well as the corresponding efforts to eradicate these things - as well as the arguments being pushed for it's legalization.
  • We will cover how to increase security and help to safeguard your own family, sons and daughters.
  • We will give information on where you can turn for help and how you can help others.


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Hundreds of hours and dollars spent have gone toward the research, photography, editing and what not to bring this book to you.

I've made the book FREE because I believe the information should be free and should reach as many people as possible. I feel strongly that education is the key to combat the problem of human trafficking. I however am not made of money (if I was I'd probably do more research/photography type projects).

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