Thank you for having the curiosity to find out what this funding option means for me, you and any who would view this art. I've taken the concept of crowd-sourcing and applied it locally, right here on my website. If you are familiar with Gofundme, Kickstarter or any of the other crowd-sourcing websites then this is no different.

I will however detail specifics about how I'd like it to work on this website.

Art Concepts

Simply put this source of funding, that is, funding from sources such as yourself is to help make it possible to begin and finish art projects. Some of these are made for the express purpose of simply making art for the sake of art. Other concepts though will be aimed at raising awareness in society such as with my book on Human Trafficking.

What your funding buys and what it does not buy

First, I do believe in a basic form of financial transparency because donating your money gives you a basic right to know what you are paying for. This means, each Art Concept will have a basic "estimate" as to it's cost with a general breakdown.

Time is money when you are hiring professionals to help pull off the concepts. Paying models, make-up artists, studio rentals, etc. are all part of what it takes to make art, at least for the concepts I will be posting (many of my concepts will remain privately funded, ie by me). In addition, many shoots require material items.

For example, let's take a sample art concept:

Art Concept: venetian style costume/masks involving 2-3 models, taking place in an appropriate environment to match the dress. This takes place during a dining and dancing engagement of an unusual sort. Contains nudity.

Props, expendables and location needed: suitable location rental, glass and dinnerware appropriate to the era, 3 venetian style masks, a cow's heart, dress rental, red wine, candles, lunch/refreshments

Professionals INVOLVED: Photographer, makeup artist, photo assistant, 3 models, retoucher

Funding Goal: $950.00

Reward levels: $25, $40, $75, $100, $250, $500 (each level will be detailed as to a reward for helping). Sample rewards may be, prints from the shoot (your choice), signed prints, props used (such as masks or clothing items).

Some concepts will be more elaborate and some concepts will be very simple. All project that contain nudity will also be shot, where possible, with some non nude shots so that if a reward level includes prints, you aren't forced to have nude only prints which many people don't hang on their walls (because they have kids, concerned mother in laws, etc).

Your funding will never pay for:

camera equipment, make-up (unless specifically noted and needed for a shoot), rent, or anything that does not directly contribute to the shoot. Again, my goal is to be transparent with costs. Leftover monies will be recycled into another project, though will not count toward a reward (as this would be nearly impossible to figure out with multiple funding sources).

Donating to an art project is simply that, a donation. It does not give one the right to dictate or change concepts such as in "work made for hire" scenarios, nor does it give away copyright. Copyright always remains with the creator of the art, which is the photographer.

Hurry up!

Donating $25 on a project that costs say $600 may result in it taking some time before that project actually starts (and is finished) as funding takes as long as it takes. If this bothers you, go buy ice cream or watch a movie with your money. One way that you can help get things funded faster is through the use and power of social media by sharing the funding page with your friends and family.

I of course will also be seeking funding through my own social media efforts.

Turn around time on rewards

The turn around time on receiving rewards can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks unless otherwise noted. This is such because it takes time to retouch images, then time to order prints (or whatever is described in the reward), and time for transit from me to you.

Thank you for stopping by and giving consideration to funding an art project. I strongly feel that art makes this world worth living in. It incites an expansion of thought, emotions and can help increase awareness in others.

If you have any other questions please CONTACT me.

Please hop over to the funding page to see what public projects I am currently on.