Fashion Couture for the everyday person.


Most of us wake up and see ourselves everyday as ordinary people. We go to work, come home and start over again the next day. In between the time we rise in the morning and lay our heads down at night we find time for our social media and staying in touch. There, or perhaps on a TV we are forced to look at people who's full time job it is, is to look great. It's a full time job that can cost $10k a month. No kidding! Some of the celebs you have no doubt heard about in the news (for lack of anything better to report), spend thousands of dollars just to look pretty 24/7.


This service involves taking a day and making YOU the cover girl. Be "done over" by a team of professionals to create whatever your heart desires. This service is tailored to your wishes but please look at my style. I'm not a fluffy ra-ra photographer. What I concentrate on and capture is your unique beauty, you like you've never been seen, you as you would appear in a magazine. With elegance, beauty and a tinge of the mystique.


I believe everyone should at least be able to taste that lifestyle. We're not all stars nor are we all built with great genetics, or perhaps you have them but you don't know how to wear them. Maybe you feel you "are not photogenic" and couldn't possibly look as good as the magazines. That's my job as a photographer and the job of the make-up and hair people.


My purpose is to defy the rules. Though I am happy to shoot petite women, this service is actually geared toward any size and shape. It's to make you feel special and it's to give you images that, not only can you share at your discretion, you will always have to look back on.

  • Fashion & Beauty Couture
  • Body Paints
  • Modern Glamor
  • Implied, Partial or Full Nude



Warning: We have a lot of fun on these shoots. This may not be for some people.

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