Year in Review 2013

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As 2013 draws to a close I reflect and contemplate on many things. Without throwing out too many clichés, I will state that life is a journey. I constantly learn from it. I constantly learn from shooting, even though I have certainty on my skill, I never assume I know all or best. I learned that one can never grow while carrying on such a frame of mind.




A few lessons from this year and experiences:

Social Media

It sucks your time. But sucks mostly. It's not a good barometer for actual world conditions. It's distorted with agendas being pushed left and right. Almost everything is taken out of context.

It can be used for staying in touch with people who are important. The other edge is that it can be a major time sucker and source of negativity. I hope 2014 is less social media, and more social interaction.


The Book (On Trafficking)

Learned that making a book is more involved than originally thought. Writing is the easy part and in this case so was making photographs. The hardest parts were having to work with a team, not because people are hard to work with, but because the book has been largely done unfunded with the exception of a few, who will be noted in the opening pages. Money makes action. Now that I have this experience, I will be able to tackle my next book in an orderly manner.  The other part that was difficult was securing models for the book and other illustrative help. I'm pretty sure that it's the subject matter. It seems for my first project, I shouldn't have picked something that's so fucking dark. And when it is released, besides making it for sale and donating to charities that support the survivors of human trafficking, I'll probably leak it onto file sharing platforms.

My goal is to help society, people and families. No one should have to suffer from modern day slavery.  



Human Relationships

That despite what social media and main stream media (them being very close in their end effect) attempts to throw in my face all year, that people are basically good, caring and compassionate when given a chance. I've also noted that words mean nothing and action trumps all. This year I've learned who friends are and are not based on actions. I've also learned to value who you know by being with them.  And on that, I will apologize for 2012. I burned a couple bridges. I've done better, I've done worse. 


Photography Related

Well, I am sorry to say that I didn't learn much new in the area of photography. This year I shot a lot less trivial things and concentrated more on other ventures. Most of my shooting consisted of refining what I know and converting it into something usable. I've spent a lot of time soul searching in this area. I've come up with a few things that may benefit you as well.

  • Spend time doing the things you love and do them well. Don't sell out just to make a buck and end up at a wedding (that's for me, not for you, weddings are my low and least favorite, it probably wouldn't matter WHO asked me, I wouldn't shoot them, hell I try to avoid them, even as a guest).
  • Invest time, effort, energy and money in the direction of the subjects (genre's etc) that you love and that will subsequently give you a return. The real trick is always being able to convince people that you should be paid. So if this is a goal, then convince them on something you also love to do, it will be easier.

With my more clarified vision I fully intend to make 2014 more purposeful in this area for me.

As you may or may not have noticed my website has evolved once more. I've gotten rid of much imagery and will continue to do so shaping this site more toward my higher goals and visions.




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Onto 2014.

This coming year will see the conclusion of the book on sex trafficking. It's not just about sex trafficking but that somehow sounds slightly better than the other topic covered; child pornography. Come hell or high water this will be complete by the end of winter.

I've had a few other projects back burnered which I will resurrect and get moving toward completion. You will hear about these as I pick them back up.

I will be focusing more, business wise, on the services which I have refined. Outside of that, it is my intention to shoot some charitable stuff as well.


©2013 Suyama Images


As I opened with, so will I close with a note on life:

I believe that life's journey is for unlearning, learning new and relearning the many truths that comprise our reality and in so observing such, change what we find non-optimum. I believe change is good and that stagnancy leads to decay.

I once attempted to stand up against the tide.

I learned though that being a rock against such great force will wear one down over time. It is inevitable. For some it happens soon. Others, later.

But when you no longer resist and you truly let go, you become the tide. Like water you flow and that is where life is. And if you keep it up, you may transcend all of these things.



©2013 Suyama Images


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